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Luna Tea Lights

Luna Lighting, makers of hand crafted ceramic lights, is based at a studio in the heart of Bloomsbury in central London, part of Cockpit Arts.

Designer maker Anna Perring and her small team have been developing her collection of playful pierced porcelain tea lights and striking sculptural table lamps in white stoneware since 2001 when she first launched the enduring Luna Snowball which casts glitterball light effects onto surrounding surfaces.

Luna Lights have evolved out of a personal search to fuse the cool clean lines of modern design with a need for warmth and sparkle.

She explains it as a balancing act between the head and the heart: ‘My head wants a clutter free clear space to think in, my heart wants something softer and more fanciful and so the aim was to create unique ceramic lights for the design-aware individual. I want them to be uplifting and make people smile. The patterns of light they scatter across a room have the quality of fairy lights.

Her current collection of delicate porcelain tea light holders are all hand made in the studio and each one bears the maker’s mark with the throwing lines clearly visible. There are tiny holes in the form made with a variety of found and made tools and they are very high fired to 1260 degrees so that the porcelain vitrifies and becomes especially translucent and tactile. With a flickering tea light inside the pretty patterns she creates shine through and create a magical intimate atmosphere.